Saylorville Yacht Club Sailing School, Inc., (SYCSS) aims to build a quality sailboat training program admitting students of any ages, race, color and national or ethnic origin and abides by these Agreements and Waivers to maintain such a safe environment. Please, carefully read over the following content. By accepting these agreements and waivers, you can be guaranteed we will continue to teach sailing skills, both small boat and advanced instruction, in a fun and safe environment.

Parental/Guardian Agreement (if student is a minor)

I understand the contents of this statement and agree to see to it that my child adheres to the program rules. I agree to assume the obligation for the expenses of repair and/or replacement of program equipment that is attributable to my child's/dependent's reckless or irresponsible behavior. I agree to make an appointment for parent-instructor conference, if requested.

Photographic Release

I grant the SYCSS the right to use my (or my dependent's) name, age and photograph, and/or video without compensation, in any press release, web site posting, advertisement brochure or other medium intended to publicize regattas or SYCSS programs.

Participation Agreement & Liability Waiver

I (and, if applicable, my dependent) am aware of what will be involved to achieve success. I (the undersigned) understand that in entering myself or my child/dependent in this sailing course, I confirm that I/they agree to obey all program rules as set forth by the program director and the Instructors. I confirm that I/they will use the utmost care in the use of boats and equipment, and I confirm that I/they will not engage in any horseplay or any other disruptive behavior. I further confirm that both I and my child/dependent (if applicable) understand that failure to attend regularly, arrive promptly, and abide by the rules may result in my suspension from the program. I assume full responsibility for any loss or damage, excepting loss of damage covered by insurance, that may come to any person, boat, equipment, dock or other property used in acts of sailors, or other representatives of the school, instructional program or host location in conjunction herewith. I accept that the sport of sailing and the conduct of the course are subject to certain inherent risks and I assume all risks on land and on the water of participation in this program. I further agree to hold the school, instructional program or host location, US SAILING, and their representatives harmless for personal injuries and/or property damage. I agree to assume the obligation for the expense of repair and/or replacement of program equipment that is attributed to myself or my child's reckless or irresponsible behavior. 

Substance Abuse Agreement

The use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. Participants violating SYCSS policy regarding the prohibited use of alcohol and drugs will, in addition to legal penalties that may be incurred through proper authorities, will be removed from the program. No fees will be refunded. I, as the parent (guardian), have read and understand the policy regarding the prohibited use of alcohol and drugs. I am aware of the consequences for violating this policy and promise to adhere to these rules.

Medical Waiver Agreement

As the student, or parent/guardian of the above named student if a minor, I hereby acknowledge that the risk of injury, including serious debilitating injury, is involved in athletic participation. I recognize that the SYCSS and their representatives make efforts to reduce these risks, but further recognize that their efforts cannot and will not eliminate all such risks. I am aware that the SYCSS does not carry medical insurance for students and that I will provide that medical coverage for myself and/or my child/dependent. I further release and hold harmless the SYCSS, their officers, directors, trustees, agents, employees and instructors from any and all liability arising from the student’s participation in the SYCSS sailing courses and all related activities.

Permission for Medical Care Agreement

I hereby grant permission to any appropriately qualified health care professional to give any and all medically appropriate emergency care to my son/daughter/ward/self, including but not limited to anesthesia and surgery.

Cancellation Policy

SYC Sailing School allows for students to cancel the registration anytime up to 7 days prior to the start of the class for a $25.00 handling charge.  Cancellations within 7 days and up to 48 hours before the class begins will result in the forfeiture of 50% of the class registration fee. Cancellations after 48 hours and no-shows will result in loss of the registration fee.  Hardship cases and appeals to this policy may be made in writing to the SYCSS Board of Directors, 4907 Cedar Dr., WDM, IA.  50266. Those needing to cancel their registration must contact the Registrar at info@sycss.org.

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